AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor Hookup Guide

Contributors: CaseyTheRobot
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Tips and Tricks

ECG’s are notoriously noisy. This is because you are measuring muscle activation. The further sensor pads are from the heart, the more muscle noise you will see. These are commonly referred to as “Motion Artifacts”. So here are some simple tips to improve the signal quality.

  • Keep sensor pads as close to the heart as you can.
  • Make sure the RA and LA sensor pads are on correct sides of the heart.
  • Try not to move too much while taking a measurement.
  • Try to use fresh pads for each measurement. The pads loose the ability to pass signals with multiple applications.
  • Prep and clean the area you plan to stick pads. This will help make a good connection (hair is not a good conductor).
  • You may have to adjust sensor placement for different individuals.