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Bring on the Robots at USASEF Friday Sneak Peak

SparkFun Education will be at the United States of America Science and Engineering Festival for a total of four days of soldering, programming, video games, programmable hats, robots and e-textiles. We’ve instilled wonder in a large portion of the next generation. Friday, April 25th is Sneak…

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Exploratorium offering Coursera course!

The Exploratorium is offering a free online course through Coursera called, “Re-Engineering Your Science Curriculum.” A few of the SparkFun Dept. of Education folks will be signing up to join the course and are looking forward to meeting other interested educators! From the course…

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Heading to Boston and NSTA 2014

I can’t believe it was a year ago that our team went to NSTA 2013 in San Antonio. It was such an awesome experience to show off making, building, and electronics to teachers at NSTA - we decided that NSTA 2014 was a must! Over the past year, we’ve developed a number of really strong…

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Collaboration with - the Fabric Hacker Skill!

SparkFun recently teamed up with, a web community that encourages kids to gain skills in all sort of areas - from astronomy to camping to hardware hacking - to bring a new skill to their site: Fabric Hacker. As you might suspect, the Fabric Hacker skill is all about infusing textiles with…

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The Great American Tweet Race Presents Itself at Fuse at the Riverside in Boulder

On Tuesday night a couple of our engineers and I went to Fuse at the Riverside in Boulder. They host an open hack session called Tinker Hour where a bunch of Boulder locals come out to hack, play and check out featured projects by different people in the community. We were asked to come and present…

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The Nation's Biggest Science Fair - USASEF

We want you to join us at the nation’s largest Science Fair from Thursday, April 24th through Sunday, April 27th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC! We’ll be hosting special events and workshops on Thursday and Friday as well as soldering, e-sewing and…

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Guest Post: Invent-abling: Enabling Boys and Girls to Make Together

Today we have a guest post from Deren Guler, a physicist, designer, and tinkerer and a wonderful human who is doing some amazing work with kids and DIY technology. She is interested in researching and developing technology that uses interactivity and computation to explore nature from a playful,…

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Girl Scout Troop 73265 Visits SparkFun!

A little over a month ago we received word that Girl Scout Troop 73265 wanted to visit SparkFun and do some sort of interactive project with us! We jumped on board! Introducing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) education to young women is one of the largest goals in our department.…

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GoldieBlox vs. Beastie Boys

GoldieBlox vs. Beastie Boys GoldieBlox should be a total win for someone like me. I am a 32 year-old female with a doctorate in a scientific field. I grew up with a single mother who mercilessly coached me on growing up to be an independent and successful woman. I’ve been in plenty of those…

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National Tour- Virginia to Nebraska and Then Home

From October 7th to November 11th SparkFun’s RV rolled through the “Southern” portion of our National Tour. I’ll bet you guys didn’t realize that Nebraska was in the South, did you? Ok, I’ll admit, I tacked on a couple other stops in order to wrap up the National…

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"the Best of..." Resources, Curriculum, and Activities for Arduino

I’ve been using Arduino for the past 2.5 years now, and the wealth of resources continues to grow. Every time I search for resources, I find another university, high school, and even middle schools with on-line curriculum, resources, and activities available. I used to use bookmarks in my…

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HacKIDemia and SparkFun help launch maker hubs in Africa

Last June, I went to the Interaction Design and Children Conference (IDC) in New York, NY and met Stefania Druga, one of the founders of the HacKIDemia project. HacKidemia is a global organization that runs hands-on STEAM workshops for kids in more than 25 countries around the world with 8000…

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Tips for a Better E-Textiles Workshop

Here in the Education Department we are always scurrying off to do fun workshops. Before I joined the team, I had some experience with small workshop for five to fifteen students in a classroom setting, but doing a large conference or event with a steady stream of visitors to a booth was new to me.…

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Hawaii Five-0

Happy New Year! The past couple weeks, I’ve had a little down time to clean-up my office and get my desktop (both physical and digital) organized. I found a wealth of photos and things from our trip to Hawaii - that I felt we should share with our readers. Back in October, three fine gentlemen…

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EDU - Year in Review!

It’s been quite a year in the SparkFun Education Department! We’ve been going strong all year long, and we’re ready to dive right into 2014! This is usually how our department rolls around here. We have a cozy little crew of eight, and we’ve come a long way throughout 2013.…

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